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HowTo (Cloud version)


This is done through the Jira Apps section. Search for "Issue Type Filters" and install. If you cannot find it, please contact us.

Setup (With example)

Click the Cog Wheel, then Apps. (need to be admin of Site)

2. Click Issue Type Filters in left side menu.

3. Click New Scheme.

4. Add a new scheme by name and description. Go the Schemes (left side menu) when saved.

5. Configure the scheme by choosing "edit rules", for the scheme created. 

For a issuetype, you can select "allow all", or use group membership to allow a issue type to be created.

6. Click Save

7. Click Back to go back to schemes list. Your added scheme should be in the list. Note that the Projects associated are empty. Click "Associate".

8. Choose the projects for which the scheme rules should be applied.



When the filter has been added, observe the effect: Create a JIRA issue. The Issue Type input box would appear like this, if only Task and New Feature was allowed.


Developing for Jira Cloud is more limited than DC/Server. So there are limitations:

1. The security part is not supported.

2. "Roles membership" are work in progress. We are working on making this efficient. Hopefully it can be done right.

3. Only team managed and company managed projects for Jira Software are supported.

4. Subtask's filtering (subtask create) is not supported. 

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