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Issue Type Filters - a Jira Data Center/Cloud Add-on!
A simple Filter Makes it easy to control issue types selectable.

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Great news.
We released Issue Type Filters for Jira Cloud.

It works like the DC/Server version, but without the Security part.

heck it out on Marketplace.

About Issue Type Filters

Easy select which issue types available for create and edit


Restrict the issue types to specific groups or project roles.

The filters are applied for the Create Issue operation, and optionally for the Edit/Move operation.

The filters are applied on Popup windows, single pages and the quick forms (e.g. found in SCRUM backlog), meaning everywhere in the user interface of Jira (including Software and Service Desk).

Configuration is simple, using schemes as normally done in Jira. Just follow the Configuration link when installing the addon

Read more about features and installations. 

Prices depends on the numbers of users. Read more on Atlassian Marketplace.  

For fast support place go to Jira Service Desk

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Add filter

It's easy to create a scheme using the Add Scheme form. Simply choose the groups or roles (or allow all) that are limited to an issue type.

Association of schemes to projects

Associate the scheme to projects where the filters should be applied.

The effect

When creating/editing/moving issues, the filters are applied such that users only see the issue types they are limited to see.

What People are Saying

Works great. As another reviewer said, it covers a frustrating gap in Jira functionality. Does exactly what we've needed for quite a while now, and it was very easy to set up.

Sean Keating 

A neat and tidy add on. Works very well at covering one of the gaps in JIRA's capabilities.


We are testing this plugin now and have been very happy so far. The documentation is clear and complete, which seems to be rare for 3rd-party apps, and it works as advertised.

 Todd Giaquinto

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