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Integrity and Maintenance
for Jira Data Center


Introducing our Jira Data Center app, equipped with an integrity checker designed to meticulously scan your Jira DC instance for potential pitfalls. This indispensable tool diligently examines filters, workflows, and custom fields, ensuring your Jira operates smoothly without inconsistencies or unexpected behaviors.
Running seamlessly as a scheduled job within your Jira Data Center environment, our integrity checker offers peace of mind by proactively identifying and helping you resolve liabilities before they escalate.
Stay tuned for continuous enhancements and expanded functionality!
Jira Versions
At least Jira version 9.10 must be used. We are implementing the app for earlier version currently.



As per convention, installation is facilitated through the Atlassian Marketplace, where you can effortlessly download the latest version and upload it to your Jira instance.


Alternatively, simply navigate to the Add-ons section within Jira and search for the app to initiate the installation process. Once installed, access the 'Checkup' page conveniently from the Add-ons menu.

Upon installation, 'Integrity and Maintenance' will seamlessly integrate into the left-side menu under Add-ons. Alternatively, you can swiftly navigate to the 'Checkup' page by selecting 'Configure' within the installed apps list.

Usage (Checkup job run)


Within the 'Checkup' page, initiate the execution of the job effortlessly. Typically, the process is swift. Once completed, a comprehensive list of potential errors will be displayed alongside detailed solutions on how to rectify each issue. At present, the following critical areas are scrutinized:

  • Filters JQL Queries: Identification of references to missing fields, such as custom fields that have been deleted or renamed.

  • F​ilters JQL Queries: Detection of references to non-existent values, such as projects or issue types, among others.

  • Duplicate Custom Field Names: While permissible, having duplicate names can lead to confusion. The checkup provides a warning prompting the renaming of one of the fields.

  • Workflow Conditions: Detection of references to non-existent values, such as groups.

  • Workflow Post-functions: Identification of references to missing values, such as users.

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